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When a Spinal Cord Injury Injures More Than Your Spinal Cord

January 9, 2013

When a victim is injured in an auto accident, medical personnel will often classify the injury as mild/minor, moderate, severe/serious/critical, or catastrophic. A catastrophic injury is one that could be life threatening, but if survived, will likely change the victim’s life forever after. Spinal cord injuries are often categorized as catastrophic because in many instances, an injury to the spine results in so many other medical difficulties, as well. If you have suffered an auto accident in Coral Springs resulting in a spinal cord injury that will entail long-term or lifelong care, an attorney may be able to help you in your efforts to recoup whatever financial losses you may incur.

If an auto accident has damaged your spinal cord, your attorney in Coral Springs can make sure that you get the medical care you need to determine if other areas of your body have been affected by the injury. In addition, your auto accident attorney in Coral Springs will aggressively pursue all of the remuneration to which you may be entitled so that you can be assured that you will have the medical care you need for as long as you need it.

A spinal cord injury can injure so much more than your spinal cord, and you should not have to bear the medical costs for an auto accident for which you were not at fault. An attorney with Lawlor, Winston, White & Murphey who serves the Coral Springs area can help to provide the peace of mind you need in knowing that your medical costs will be covered. Contact an auto accident attorney at the Law Offices of Lawlor, Winston, White & Murphey today.

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