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Who Is Liable When a Chain Reaction Accident Happens?

Chain Reaction Accidents in Florida

chain reaction accident Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sometimes chain reaction accidents happen on the road, causing multiple drivers to deal with damage to their vehicles and injuries to themselves and their passengers. These collisions can lead to pileups on the road that leads to lengthy traffic delays while increasing the risk of serious bodily harm. The chain reaction usually starts with one collision.

How Does This Type of Accident Occur?

If several vehicles are on the road at one time, there is a possibility that a chain reaction accident will occur. It starts with the first vehicle. The driver of that vehicle may lose control of the car, crashing into another car on the road. The impact of the crash could cause the second car to slam into the third car that would likely get pushed over into another lane and is then slammed into by a fourth car. It is a terrible chain reaction that can cause major problems for motorists.

When there are several drivers involved in such an accident, trying to figure out who is at fault often becomes a bit tricky and challenging. Legal professionals would need to seek assistance from expert witnesses that would work on recreating the scene of the accident to determine how it got started in the first place.

When Do These Accidents Often Occur?

Although a chain reaction accident involves several drivers, it usually starts with one person who is doing something wrong while behind the wheel. The driver may be looking at a text message on the phone, reaching down for food, or even changing the radio station. When that person takes his or her eyes off the road for even a few seconds, a collision can happen. The driver could crash into another vehicle, sending that vehicle right over to another vehicle, leading to multiple collisions on a single stretch of the road.

The driver at fault is usually the distracted driver that caused the car accident. In some instances, the first driver to crash into another vehicle is not at fault simply because he or she could not stop due to some other factors on the road.

Who is Responsible?

Different chain reaction accidents are caused by different divers. The purpose of hiring an expert witness is to figure out how the accident started and why it led to such a serious pileup on the road. There are usually three or more cars involved in these types of collisions. In some instances, a driver may need to come to a brief stop, but the other driver behind him or her is following too closely and crashes right into the vehicle’s bumper. The car behind that driver may then crash, too. In this situation, the second driver is usually the one who is at fault for following too closely behind the first driver.

Finding out exactly who is responsible for what happened takes time. Lawyers must hire other professionals to help them figure out exactly what happened right before the accident, during the accident, and immediately after. Accident reconstruction experts often need to get involved when it is difficult to figure out who is liable for the accident. After everything is figured out, the lawyer will then present the information to the judge to prove that a specific driver was at fault, thus causing the chain reaction accident to happen.

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