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  • Prepare for the Potential Fallout of Filing a Slip and Fall Lawsuit

    March 01, 2017

    We’ve all heard the story of the woman who sued McDonald’s after her coffee spilled and burned her legs. Many news sources and comedians joked about the story, essentially shaming the woman for taking McDonald’s to court. The worst part is that most of these people likely didn’t do their homework. They heard about a […]

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  • 5 (Mostly) New Safety Rules Parents Should Instill In Their Child

    February 22, 2017

    “Look both ways before crossing the street.” “Don’t run with scissors.” “Stay away from open flames.” You know about those dangers, and most likely you’ve already warned your kids about them. Probably over and over. However, our world is forever changing, and new ways for children to potentially get hurt appear every single day. Because […]

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  • Determining Fault in a Chain-Reaction Crash in Florida

    February 14, 2017

    Since we live in a no-fault state, most of the time Floridians don’t need to worry too much about who’s to blame for a car crash. Regardless of who caused the accident, PIP will cover both drivers up to $10,000. Unfortunately, if you are seriously hurt in an accident, your costs can easily exceed that […]

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  • 7 FAQs about Professional Liability Insurance in Florida

    February 06, 2017

    As a business owner, you probably see risks all around you. A business is like a child, and you are constantly putting your child’s wellbeing in the hands of other people, such as employees, other businesses, clients or customers, and so on. With all of the possible things that could go wrong, you might wonder […]

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  • Woman Seeks $15,000 After Fall at RDV Sportsplex Center

    February 02, 2017

    Other than the embarrassment of it, slipping and falling in public doesn’t seem like a big deal. You just pick yourself up and move on. Unfortunately, that belief is a naïve one. Far from being harmless, falls can result in broken bones, bruised tailbones, head injuries, and more. Before you know it, your “simple” slip […]

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  • It’s Not Just Texting – Avoid These Apps While You’re Driving

    January 23, 2017

    Remember “Pokemon Go?” A few months ago, it was the hottest app around. Millions of Pokemon fans around the world could live out their dreams of being a Pokemon master around their town or city. However, just as quickly as it caught on, it started causing controversy – the app was distracting drivers and pedestrians […]

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  • Motor Vehicle Crashes Are the Number One Killer of Children

    January 17, 2017

    Kids will be kids. They love to run, jump… and get themselves into situations where they get hurt. Your children need to explore and learn from little bumps and bruises, but it is still your number one job as a parent to keep your children safe. So what can you do to protect your child? […]

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  • Florida Football Player’s Death Leads to Lawsuit for University

    January 09, 2017

    Physical trainers and coaches are supposed to push you to your limits, but they also have a responsibility to know where those limits are. Going too far over the limit can severely injure you, and in some cases may even have fatal consequences. Such is the situation in the sad case of wrongful death lawsuit. […]

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  • Hit by a Negligent Driver While Barhopping on NYE? Fight Back

    January 04, 2017

    For those who go out to the bars, New Year’s Eve is typically one big mess. It can be a fun mess, but it’s still a mess – people trying to connect with their friends or find that special someone before midnight, drivers acting frustrated and crazy, and everywhere you go you face crowds, crowds, […]

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  • How You Can Take Action against Legal Malpractice

    December 26, 2016

    After unsuccessfully going through the process of filing a personal injury suit or defending against criminal charges, the last thing you probably want to do is pick up the phone and call another lawyer. We understand this frustration – especially if you believe that your lawyer was the reason your case ended with unfavorable results. […]

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